“Reasons for Hope” is the title of the lecture that Jane Goodall has given to millions of people on her travels around the globe and with which she captivates her listeners again and again: fascinating stories from her childhood and youth led her, in an almost magical way, to life with our closest relatives, the chimpanzees in the rainforest of Gombe.

And then came the shocking realization that these relatives are threatened with extinction! So, in 1986, she left her little paradise in Gombe to become an activist who now uses her fame and charisma not only to save the chimpanzees, but also to fight for the preservation of our environment.

The 85th birthday evening for and with “Dr Jane” is an opportunity for the audience to be inspired by this living icon and to understand her reasons for hope. As we know that Jane loves music we also have a present for her...


The saxophonist Stephanie Lottermoser, the pianist Yojo Christen and the rock singer Ingo Pohlmann come from different musical worlds, but they are united in their enthusiasm for Jane and her commitment to planet Earth.

Stephanie Lottermoser
saxophonist / singer

“Jane Goodall is a role model in many ways. She has dedicated her whole life to a goal and lived by it, and that goal goes far beyond environmental and species protection (specifically chimpanzees). Her credo is about living a better and a more conscious life; it is about gratitude and modesty and about not taking everything for granted.

She inspires us to make a difference here and now without looking too far forward or back, and she proves through her courage that we can make a difference on our own and that we simply have to dare, and that we should remain true to ourselves.”

Stephanie Lottermoser

Yojo Christen
pianist / composer

“Jane Goodall impresses me most with her lifelong, untiring devotion to our immediate relatives, the chimpanzees. She stands up for their “human rights”. For me, art and humanity are two sides of the same coin. Just as Jane Goodall thinks about the psyche and living conditions of her protégés, we think about the necessity, meaning and effect of our artistic work, and I don’t see much difference in that.”

Yojo Christen

Ingo Pohlmann
singer / songwriter

“Jane Goodall creates movement in me.

Her motto seems to be: if the world ends tomorrow, I will still plant a tree today. At an age when many people have slowed down, I am deeply impressed by her strength to fight for and with humanity against the evil spirits that paralyze us.

Humans never stand still and on that journey Jane Goodall pioneers the side of us that connects heart and mind.

In short: she touches the best in us!”

Ingo Pohlmann


Dirk Steffens will take us through the programme for the fourth time. In 2011, after first meeting Jane, he spontaneously agreed to become her honorary ambassador in Germany.

Dirk Steffens works as a freelance TV author, presenter, documentary filmmaker and producer for a number of different radio and television stations. Since 2005, he has also been in front of the camera and initially presented a weekly animal film series for VOX. In 2008, he joined ZDF presenting the documentary series “Terra X” and other programmes. For science, nature and travel projects, he has undertaken film expeditions to more than 120 countries on every continent. He is an experienced diver and underwater filmmaker.
Dirk Steffens is a German ambassador for the environmental organization WWF and the German division of the Jane Goodall Institute. In the field of environmental education, he is active nationwide as a lecturer. Since June 2015, he has also been a member of the Board of Trustees of the Senckenberg Society for Nature Research. In September 2016, the Federal Minister for the Environment, Barbara Hendricks, appointed him official “UN Decade Ambassador for Biodiversity”.

In December 2017, Dirk Steffens and his wife founded the BIODIVERSITY FOUNDATION. The Foundation has set itself the task of providing information on the causes and dangers of species extinction worldwide.

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Jane Goodall – the living legend, ethologist, environmental activist, UN Messenger of Peace and probably the most famous scientist of our time – is celebrating her 85th birthday. The Jane Goodall Institut Deutschland is organizing a big evening event on Friday 21 June, at the Showpalast Munich. Don’t miss it!

Proceeds from the event will go to the Jane Goodall Institut Deutschland and its projects.

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Copyright Jane Goodall photos: Michael Neugebauer, Vincent Calmel, Chase Pickering, Rotary International, The Jane Goodall Institute